The International Negotiations and Diplomacy

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We do not get what we want, but we get what we negotiate for.

This is what Chester Karrass, a senior negotiating expert, says.



This is Counselor Rashed Al-Hajri, President of the Diplomatic Academy, and a specialist in international protocol and public diplomacy.


We will work together in this online course on getting to know this interesting and important art… the art of negotiation


We hope that you will be able to master the skill of negotiation and apply it on both personal and professional levels.


It is an introduction for professionals working in the diplomatic and political fields. It is also appropriate if you want to make negotiation part of your personal skills, even if you are working in any other field.


We will take an important cognitive path in knowing this art and its origins and rules.

We will enhance this knowledge with psychological and practical skills of bargaining power, dialogue, and dealing with negotiators effectively and with high flexibility.

How can you make your best decisions faster and more accurately?

How can you analyze the results from a strategic point of view?

How can you deal with the stages of negotiation, one by one?

How can you negotiate in a way that makes negotiation a key element in the success of the companies, institutions and countries you work for?


We will learn about negotiation strategies and tactics, with practical examples.


This program also helps you become a more effective negotiator and employ the cultural dimension in negotiation.

You will also know how to identify alternatives, choose the best ones, and deal with applied patterns.


You will learn about these and more topics during this training course on the art of negotiation, which is offered to you by the Diplomatic Academy.


Welcome again.

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The International Negotiations and Diplomacy
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