A tour of the Academy

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At the beginning of the articles published on the Diplomatic Academy’s platform for distance learning, I would like to take you, dear trainee or visitor, on a tour through the platform to get to know it closely, and also see the academy’s development plan and its work strategy as seen by the platform’s team.

The Diplomatic Academy launched its e-learning platform, which is specialized in diplomatic sciences. It is also interested in various branches of human and social sciences related to it, such as economics, politics, media, sociology, and others. Their professional and personal skills in these different disciplines are offered by the platform.

The platform presents a set of free specialized courses, including basic skills in public speaking and recitation, a course in negotiation skills, and a course in digital diplomacy. Diplomacy in London.

And if you, dear trainee, are looking for a way to raise your skills in diplomatic disciplines and have a full schedule of work, study, or others, the platform is your best choice that enables you to organize your learning based on your time and circumstances available in any suitable place and time.

The platform takes quality as its main value, so it applies it at all stages and procedures of educational programs, as well as with regard to the technical aspects that ensure maximum benefit for subscribers through a training product illustrated with the latest media tools and of superior quality, as well as ensuring ease of use through advanced and flexible technical design that takes into account the needs of subscribers starting from registration Initial and even during the learning stages by easily accessing educational resources and using artificial intelligence techniques to suggest the appropriate training content for the trainee, as well as in terms of following up on lessons through image and audio, in addition to unpacking content texts for follow-up reading. In it, the dates for completing the courses, the percentage of his commitment to them, an archive of the certificates he obtained, and all the information he needs to know his position on training in various programs. The platform also provides special services to institutions based on their needs and training plans.

The attention to the quality element is also reflected in the platform’s availability of the feature of evaluating the courses by the trainees, as well as the comments on each lesson or lecture, which the platform team attaches great importance too for continuous development and improvement.

If you ask me, dear subscriber, about the types of programs offered by the platform, I will be happy to briefly explain to you that the platform adopts four main types of programs, the first of which are the specialized courses that we have already talked about; These are courses focused on specific skills. The second types are the direct courses, which are held in a way of live broadcasting remotely so that the course is announced and its title and date are published through the website and the pages of the platform on social networking sites, and the trainees participate in it.

In the advanced stage of the platform development plan, the third type will be entered, which is the professional certificate program. The certificate will have a lengthy work curriculum for a group of affiliated courses, which are supervised by a constellation of experts, each in its own right, and has an extended schedule to cover all courses. Let’s take, for example, the professional certificate in diplomatic skills The foundation, which the Academy plans to include a course in international negotiations and diplomacy, a course in international law, as well as one in public speaking and public diplomacy, and another in public diplomacy and international organizations, and a course in dealing and communicating with different cultures, public speaking skills, and recitation. This integrated curriculum includes discussion sessions and practical case studies with experts.

 The platform’s strategy also includes providing professional diplomas, which is the fourth type of program in partnership with a university specializing in diplomacy or humanities.

An important point, dear trainee, I would like to draw your attention to it, and it is one of the most distinguishing features of the Diplomatic Academy’s platform for distance learning from others, and one of its pillars, is the consulting service, which the platform provides to individuals and institutions through a group of its experts and trainers directly to meet their needs in the various fields presented in the consulting section.

Last but not least, the platform provides its trainees and subscribers with an open space for exchanging and discussing ideas and presenting new information on various training topics, so it created a space to participate in it, which is the blog, which enables various members and even trainers to publish their articles in it and comment on the articles of others to spread benefit and open new horizons In terms of knowledge and capabilities.

In conclusion, the Academy opens the door for all its audience of visitors, experts, and trainees to receive their opinions at all times on its mail dedicated to communication in everything related to the platform, whether contributions, suggestions, or comments because we cherish you and consider you an integral part of the success of this platform.